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The Post-Doctoral Program at USP is a research program, carried out at the Colleges/Schools, by doctoral degree holders, with the goal of improving the level of scientific excellence of the University. It is intended for doctoral degree holders who have scientific or technological performance for research development, with minimal publication of 3 (three) articles in the last 5 (five) years. The applicant should contact a Professor of EERP, from the area of interest, who will be responsible to supervise the Postdoctoral Program (see Research Groups for the areas). In addition to the development of the proposed research project, the post-doctoral fellow should participate in other research activities developed by the research group the Professor is linked to. The results of studies developed should be published in co-authorship with faculty involved and attached to the Final Report. Each request for a Post-doctoral Program must be sent to the EERP Research Committee by the professor responsible for the supervision, who must be at least PhD or equivalent, who will provide the necessary means for carrying out the planned research activities.The program will have the minimum duration of three months and the maximum of two years, with possible renewals. For the 3 to 6 months programs, the post-doctoral fellow should have a full workload, while over 6 moths it may be full or partial workload. In the case of partial workload, the candidate must establish with the supervisor the amount of weekly hours.

The participation in the program will be accepted under the following conditions:

I – if it is financed through a post-doctoral scholarship or equivalent;
II – if paid leave is granted by the research and teaching institution or company to which the researcher is linked;
III – without scholarship, according to criteria of the EERP Research Committee.

The application for the program shall be done at the Secretariat of the Research Committee, by the post-doctoral candidate’s supervisor, in accordance to the Resolution no. 6016, of 11 October 2011.

Check List, Forms, Summary Curriculum Vitae and EERP Post-Doctoral Program Internal guidelines



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