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  • General information
    • President
      Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio
    • Vice-President
      Profa. Dra. Renata Karina Reis
    • Secretary
      Rosana Martins Farias de Oliveira
    • Telephone
      (16) 3315.3386
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The Research Vice-presidency promotes the participation of students in research conducted in university environments of different campuses and all fields of knowledge through financial resources originating from agreements with private entities and funding agencies. Such funding is designated for the provision of scholarships to secondary students properly selected jointly with the Department of Education of the State of São Paulo.

The Pre-Scientific Initiation program supports research projects that awaken and encourage interest in scientific investigation and also enable students from the secondary public school network to define a field of professional interest aiming to bring them into proximity with USP by:

• Offering the opportunity to complement their personal education, improving knowledge and preparing the participating student for professional life;

• Including these students in the USP environment to be a part of activities and experience procedures and methodologies adopted in scientific research;

• Developing scientific activities planned for the scholarship recipient in the Advisor’s line of research and;
• Granting access to other activities such as seminars, symposiums, courses and interaction with other Colleges.

It is up to the Colleges to request, through their Research Committees (or the equivalent), the presentation of Research Proposals that include the participation of secondary students with a minimum dedication of 8 hours/week. The students will be linked to the College that presented the proposal during the program’s period and will be monitored by a teacher from the secondary school. Participating students are allowed to request a change in their supervised training within the College after evaluation of the Research Committee (or equivalent).

The scholarships last 12 months and are not extendable. These should be requested on behalf of the College at USP responsible for the project and paid directly to students through the College’s own apparatus. Values will be established according to the financial resource designated by the agreements established by USP.

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