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  • General information
    • President
      Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio
    • Vice-President
      Profa. Dra. Renata Karina Reis
    • Secretary
      Rosana M. Farias de Oliveira
    • Telephone
      (16) 3315.3386
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The EERP-USP has directed its research activities based on the University’s guidelines concerning research policy, and at the same time to meet the demands of society. An important recognition of such was the designation of the College as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Research Development.
The Research Committee at EERP-USP is intended to devise guidelines to guide action in the field of research, ensure the implementation of such actions and encourage production and quality of research under the general guidance established by the Research Vice-presidency at USP.
A priority of this College is to enhance the infrastructure resources existent at EERP-USP to support research, which was possible with the creation of the Center for Research Support at EERP-USP. It provides technical and scientific support to researchers at the EERP and also develops actions to encourage the development and strengthening of scientific investigation, among them, diverse events to discuss and disseminate themes related to research.


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