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Candidate’s Obligations

  • General information
    • President
      Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio
    • Vice-President
      Profa. Dra. Renata Karina Reis
    • Telephone
      (16) 3315.3386
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      Rosana M. Farias de Oliveira
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-    To communicate changes in the project (initial plan, dates, etc.) to the Research Committee.
-    Provide a scientific report: the scientific report must be presented in 20 doubled spaced pages at most and include:
-    Summary of the initial project, summary of the period concerning the report, Introduction and justification, Objectives; Material and Methods; Discussion; Conclusion; Summary of the activities performed (Congresses, etc.) and a timetable concerning the implementation of the extended period (if applicable) and description of difficulties found.
- Provide scientific reports within the specified schedule together with the requested documentation.
-    - Postdocs in postdoctoral programs with duration of 3 months or more must present a final scientific report by 30 days after the end of the program.
- The reports must contain a brief review and comments from the supervisors.
- In the event the report is not presented on time, or the committee does not approve it, a Certificate of Postdoctoral Completion will not be delivered until a report is presented or satisfactorily reformulated according to the Research Committee.
-    At the end of the postdoctoral program, the researcher must present proof of paper submitted for publication.

-    Should this default persist 3 months after the due date for presenting a report or its reformulated version, the Certificate of Postdoctoral Completion is permanently suspended.

-    A Postdoctoral Commitment Statement is required from researchers not affiliated with USP, without a scholarship or financial resources external to USP - Appendix I.

- Those not affiliated with USP but with a job contract must present, at the time of their acceptance, Permission for Leave Form provided by the employer according to the model in Appendix II.

- The postdoctoral candidate must sign a Declaration of Recognition of Intellectual Property Rights  Appendix III due to the results obtained in the Postdoctoral program.


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