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    • President
      Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio
    • Vice-President
      Profa. Dra. Renata Karina Reis
    • Telephone
      (16) 3315.3386
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      Rosana M. Farias de Oliveira
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ue The Post Doctoral Program at USP offers researchers the opportunity to improve and grow intellectually and professionally. Candidates have to contact a professor at the EERP-USP in the field of interest who will be responsible for their Post Doctorate Program – Research Groups. In addition to the development of a research project, the postdoctoral candidate shall participate in other research activities developed in the Department. The results of studies shall be published in co-authorship with the professors involved and attached to the final report. The postdoctoral candidate has to present the documents specified in SUBMISSION/EXTENSION.

The minimum duration is 3 months and the maximum is 2 years, while extension of the program is allowed. Extension requests will be reviewed and approved by the Research Committee.
Applications may be submitted year-round.

Post-Doc Resolution (in Portuguese)


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