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Supervised Training in Education

  • General information
      Program’s Coordinator Committee
    • President
      Prof.ª Dra. Marta Angélica Iossi Silva
    • Vice-Coordenadora
      Prof.ª Dra. Marlene Fagundes Carvalho Gonçalves
    • Secretário
      Vinícius Vargas de Souza Nori
    • Support
      Ida Mara Brunelli
    • Telephone
      +55 16 3315-3388
    • E-mail
Supervised training in education, with a workload of 420 hours, promotes opportunities for significant learning contributing to the education of nurses in the field of education, directed to the teaching of vocational/professional education in nursing – the education of nursing auxiliaries and technicians, as well as teaching management.

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