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Entrance examination
Admission into undergraduate programs at the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto, College of Nursing is accomplished through an entrance examination. There is a yearly selection organized by FUVEST (from Portuguese Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular, “University Foundation for the Vestibular”). For further information visit the FUVEST website.

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)
Period: Full time
Vacancies: 80 vacancies

Bachelor’s degree and Teaching Diploma
Duration: 10 semesters (5 years)
Period: afternoon, night
Vacancies: 50 vacancies

Other modes of entry:
External Transfer

In addition to the Vestibular, students from other higher education institutions in Brazil or from abroad are allowed to transfer to the EERP-USP as long as due dates established in the academic schedule are respected and there are vacancies available, in addition to obtaining approval via a selective test. Transfers to the first semester or last two semesters of the program are not allowed.

Announcement: generally released in the second half of May through the site;

Registration: from the second half of July through the FUVEST website.

Graduates with a Degree in Higher Education

In accordance with the provisions of the single paragraph of the article 67 of the university’s General Rules, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in higher education programs properly accredited are allowed to be admitted in undergraduate programs at USP. Enrollment may be approved for the first semester of the program provided there are vacancies available after students who were approved in the entrance exam register and after procedural transfers.

Students Program - Undergraduate Agreement – PEC - G

The agreement for the undergraduate program constitutes one of the instruments of cooperation that the Brazilian government offers to other developing countries, especially in Africa and Latin America.

Vacancies are offered for courses in the day period to candidates who present proof of having completed secondary education or the equivalent.

How it works:

The University informs the Secretary of Higher Education – Ministry of Education (SESu-MEC) of the number of vacancies available per program.

The selective process begins with a preliminary selection of the candidates by Brazilian diplomatic missions and ceases under the coordination of the Scientific, Technical and Technological Cooperation Department  - Ministry of International Relations (DCT-MRE) with the participation of the SESu-MEC advised by a committee appointed by the Forum of Undergraduate Vice-presidencies of Brazilian Universities.

Registration will be only authorized by the SESu-MEC after authorization is officially communicated by the DCT-MRE.

In addition to complying with its own protocol requirements, the Students Program - Undergraduate Agreement shall also comply with the rules of the host institution.

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