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“Through the exchange program I went to wonderful places and met people from totally different cultures, faced situations I had never imagined and improved my English a lot, grew as a person and as a professional. The experience of an exchange is a great opportunity everyone should seek. I do recommend it! Open your arms and embrace the world!”

Sabrina Elias (EERP’s student –exchange program in Poland through AIESEC)

“The students who completed the first curricular supervised training in Ribeirão Preto consider the experience of the entire period to be a unique time of their lives that has contributed greatly to their professional practice. We expect the continuation of exchange activities of this type between teaching institutions so that it reflects increasingly more on the quality of nursing care delivered in Angola.”

Group of students from Angola – curricular supervised training at EERP

“The exchange between the Superior Institute of Health Sciences (ISCISA) and the EERP-USP, which dates back many years, has contributed to the development of nursing in Angola, to the mastery of undergraduate education through the implementation of curricular supervised training for senior students. The experience motivates us to continue with the exchange and certainly extend it to the graduate program. We express our gratitude for the contribution that EERP-USP has made to the development of nursing in Angola.

Dr. Conceição Vieira Silva and Dr. Manuel Simão, Dean and Senior Professor at ISCISA

"The exchange was the achievement of a dream; it is a unique life experience. I think more students should have such an opportunity, because it is a way to enrich knowledge. Living with people from other cultures, made me broaden my view of the world and also make contacts and new friends. The integration allowed me to exchange rich knowledge concerning languages and dialects, social, political, economic, religious and cultural issues.”

Talita de Cássia Raminelli da Silva (student from the undergraduate program at EERP – scholarship from Santander in the University of Évora, Portugal)

"Living in another country is very important in a time of education and matching the movement of internationalization of universities… it is a time to establish new friendships, experiences, always dealing with the conflict between concepts learned in a context in which we live and those concepts that originated in another culture… it internally moves us to understand concepts we did not acknowledge before.”

José Renato Gatto Júnior (student from the undergraduate program, scholarship from Santander in the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain)

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