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Professional Education Activities

  • General information
    • President
      Profª Drª Susana Segura Muñoz
    • Vice-President
      Profª Drª Ana Paula Morais Fernandes
    • Secretary
      Adriana Brógio
    • Telephone
      (16) 3315 4763
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In addition to the programs, the EERP also offers alternatives for extension projects to graduate students:


The Nursing Residency Program aims to improve scientific knowledge and technical proficiency through in-service training and must comply with current Brazilian residence standards.

Vocational Training and Continuing Education Program

The vocational training and continuing program are activities intended to provide theoretical and practical improvement of graduate professionals according to the Resolution CoCex no. 6629, Sep 23th 2013.

Vocational training promotes the improvement of professional practices.

The continuing education program seeks to develop knowledge or techniques in a given field or discipline.

Additional Information:

Resolution CoCEx nº 6629, de 23.9.2013 – This resolution regulates the  activities of the Residence, Vocational Practice and Updating Programs from the University Extension at the University of São Paulo.

Guidelines for performing Nursing Residency Program at EERP

Guidelines for performing Vocational Training and Continuing Education Program at EERP


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