Comissão de Cultura e Extensão »

  • General information
    • Presidente
      Profª Drª Ana Paula Morais Fernandes
    • Vice-Presidente
      Profª Drª Susana Segura Muñoz
    • Secretário
      Ricardo de Oliveira Lima
    • Contato
      (16) 3315 3461
    • e-mail
The role of the University Culture and Extension Committee is to establish guidelines and ensure that culture and extension programs are implemented according to the general guidance established by higher boards. 

General Competencies:

  • To formally evaluate the proposals of university extension programs sent by the Departments;
  • To support, whenever applicable, culture and extension programs developed by faculty members, students and the College’s employees;
  • To evaluate the global development of university culture and extension programs whenever applicable;
  • To implement or promote programs and projects proposed by the University Culture and Extension Vice-Presidency in the College;
  • To assist the activities promoted by the EERP-USP’s memory center;
  • To exercise the remaining responsibilities assigned by the Culture and Extension Council and/or higher boards at the College. 

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