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Campanha Nursing Now

A campanha Nursing Now é uma iniciativa da OPAS/OMS e ICN e visa
capacitar os enfermeiros para assumir o papel central no enfrentamento dos
desafios de saúde do século XXI. Até o final de 2020, a campanha objetiva
aumentar a influência dos enfermeiros e maximizar suas contribuições para
garantir que todos tenham acesso à saúde e aos cuidados em saúde.
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Nursing Now: one month on – action nationally and globally

A lot has happened since the global launch of Nursing Now a month ago. This update contains news about how the campaign is spreading around the world with national Nursing Now groups being set up, with more to come. It also has a call to action – asking you to respond to the consultation by the High-level Commission on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs).

This is our first opportunity to influence health policy globally, please join in.

Nursing Now launches in Uganda

Nursing Now Uganda launched on 22 March in Kampala, as part of the 3rd UK-East Africa Healthcare Summit. Our Co-Chair, Lord Nigel Crisp, gave the Summit’s keynote address. More than 100 nurses from Uganda and neighbouring countries joined what was a very moving event.

Dr Rose Nanyonga, Vice Chancellor of the International Health Sciences University outlined the road map for Nursing Now Uganda. Focusing on education, regulation, policy and improved practice, the road map aims to empower nurses and midwives as leaders of change.

To find out more about how events unfolded in Kampala, read our news piece

Nursing Now launches in Qatar

Nursing Now Qatar was launched at the Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Doha on 25 March. Nursing Now Board Member Maureen Bisognano and Sultana Afdhal, CEO of WISH Qatar joined plenary speaker, Dr Nicola Ryley, Chief Nursing Officer of Hamad Medical Corporation, on stage to launch the campaign in the country.

A report on nursing and universal health coverage is due for release at the WISH 2018 conference in November.

To read more about the launch in Doha, take a look at our news piece

Join or set up a Nursing Now group in your country

Excited about Nursing Now's vision and aims? Committed to taking forward the campaign in your country? We've posted a list of Nursing Now national groups around the world, together with guidelines of how to set one up in countries where there's no existing campaign. If you're interested in being listed as the Nursing Now point-of-contact in your country, let us know

Nurses and their supporters are coming together worldwide, with groups being set up in: Jordan (launching 12 May 2018), Jamaica, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, the Bahamas, Turkey and Iran. The campaign is also being actively promoted in the US, Australia, Canada and Taiwan.

Call to action – influencing the High-level Commission on NCDs

There is a very short time scale to influence the final recommendations of the High-level Commission on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs), which will issue its final report in June. The Commission includes government leaders and health professionals from around the world and will help set the strategy for the future of preventing and treating cancer, diabetes, strokes, mental illness and other NCDs everywhere.  

This is the first moment for Nursing Now to influence global health policy on behalf of nurses and nursing. We want to see recognition of  and investment in  the vital role that nurses play in the prevention and treatment of NCDs. We are arguing that the Commission needs to mobilise the nursing and midwifery workforce to promote health and prevent diseases – and that progress can’t be made without fully engaging nurses and midwives.  

Find out more about what Nursing Now is saying about NCDs and how policy makers need to invest in nursing if we are to beat NCDs and save lives. We are working closely with Annette Kennedy, President of the International Council of Nurses, who is a member of the Commission on behalf of nurses, and Dr Sania Nishtar, both a Commission Co-Chair and champion of our campaign.

Review our guide to influencing the NCDs, which we will keep up to date. Please also fill out our form to share your examples of nurses and midwives promoting health and preventing NCDs, to inform our submission to the Commission's April consultation. 

Nursing Now is a programme of the Burdett Trust for Nursing (Registered Charity 1089849). 
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